Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, fundraising for or just want to make some fun, wet & muddy memories, you’ll love the Warrior Adrenaline Race! We have three different courses, which means anyone can take part!

5k Races

If you’re looking to have some fun, are running for or are a beginner in obstacle racing this is the race for you. You will tackle 5k of fun, muddy obstacles. The 5k waves start at 11am.

10k Races

If you’re looking for your next challenge, the 10k races are tough, yet fun. You will tackle 10k of obstacles, running, hills and muddy terrain. The 10k waves start from 9.15am

20k Races

Are you up for the challenge? The 20k races are for those who want to test their strengths. A punishing 20k run including more challenging obstacles, a longer distance, more mud and testing situations. The 20k wave goes off at 9am.

5k Junior Races

A fun, muddy 5k race with 90% of the adult obstacles. All obstacles are manned and instructors run the course with the juniors. The first 5k wave is at 12.15pm for 12-16 years old and the second wave is at 12.30pm for 9-11 years old.

5k and 10k Family Races

Take on the WAR as a family! There is a 10k Family wave at 10:45 and a 5k Family wave at 11:45. Ages 8+.