Welcome to the Warrior Adrenaline Obstacle Course Race

The Obstacle Course Race that brings you out of your comfort zone and leaves you with an unforgettable experience. Whatever your age or fitness level, we cater for all abilities, with 3 different courses.

There are no clocks or timers for you to race against which means you can enjoy the enchanting wooded areas and the swampy terrain.

Our new course is complete with new obstacles in mud, muck and plenty of water! Expect zip lines, tunnels, rope climb challenges, wall climbing and many more!

Accept the challenge today.

The Races


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Warrior’s testimonials
“My W.A.R. story started after the arrival of my second daughter. I suffered with post natal depression. I decided I wanted to try and face things head on and see if I could beat this off my own back.”
"I had got myself into a ‘bad place’ which peaked just over 4 years ago. I was massively overweight, had a bad diet, was a heavy smoker & the only exercise I got was stretching my arms when I got up in the morning."