The Warrior Adrenaline Race was created 7 years ago! The first races were held at The Dunstable Downs and Hartham Common. With the amazing support of our participants, the race has gone from strength to strength enabling us to move to Woodhall Estate.

The brains behind the race are Shaun & Adam. Shaun & Adam have been great friends for a long time, their strong friendship enables them to bounce off each other which helps as the entire course is built by them both!

With Shaun’s building background and Adams passion for fitness they make a great team!

Warrior’s testimonials
“My W.A.R. story started after the arrival of my second daughter. I suffered with post natal depression. I decided I wanted to try and face things head on and see if I could beat this off my own back.”
"I had got myself into a ‘bad place’ which peaked just over 4 years ago. I was massively overweight, had a bad diet, was a heavy smoker & the only exercise I got was stretching my arms when I got up in the morning."